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I-797 Notice of Action

What is the I-797 Notice of Action?

The I-797 Notice of Action is a document issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to provide an update or response to a petition filed with them. It is a crucial piece of documentation that indicates the progress of an application, such as approval, rejection, request for further evidence, or transfer.

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Types of I-797 Notices of Action

There are several types of I-797 notices of action, each with a unique meaning. The most common ones are:

  1. I-797 Approval Notice
  2. I-797 Receipt Notice
  3. I-797 Request for Evidence Notice
  4. I-797 Notice of Transfer
  5. I-797 Notice of Revocation

I-797 Approval Notice

An I-797 approval notice is issued when the USCIS approves a petition submitted by an individual or an organization. This notice confirms that the applicant’s request has been granted, and they can move forward with the next steps, such as applying for a visa or Green Card. The approval notice will provide details about the type of benefit granted, the validity period, and the conditions or restrictions, if any.

I-797 Receipt Notice

An I-797 receipt notice is issued to confirm that the USCIS has received the application or petition filed by the applicant. This notice provides a unique receipt number, which can be used to track the status of the application. It is important to keep the receipt notice safe as it serves as proof of submission and can be used to inquire about the status of the application.

I-797 Request for Evidence Notice

An I-797 request for evidence (RFE) notice is issued when the USCIS needs additional documentation or information to make a decision on an application or petition. The RFE notice provides a detailed explanation of the evidence or information requested, the deadline by which the evidence must be submitted, and the consequences of failing to respond. Responding promptly to the RFE notice and providing all the requested evidence to avoid delays or denials is important.

I-797 Notice of Transfer

An I-797 notice of transfer is issued when the USCIS transfers an application or petition from one USCIS office to another. This can happen due to workload balancing or geographic considerations. The notice will provide:

  • Information about the new location where the case will be processed.
  • The reason for the transfer.
  • Any changes in the processing time.

It is important to wait for further instructions from the USCIS and to update the contact information if necessary.

I-797 Notice of Revocation

An I-797 notice of revocation is issued when the USCIS revokes an approved petition due to fraud or misrepresentation or if the applicant is no longer eligible for the benefit requested. The notice will provide the reason for the revocation, the effective date, and the appeal process, if any. It is important to consult with an immigration attorney as soon as possible to discuss the options and remedies available.

The I-797 Notice of Action is important for applicants seeking immigration benefits in the United States. Each type of I-797 notice serves a specific purpose, and reading and understanding the notice received is crucial. By following the instructions in the notice and responding promptly to any requests for evidence, applicants can avoid delays or denials and move forward with their immigration process smoothly.

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