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Free tools to help you plan, manage and keep you on track throughout your fiancé and marriage visa immigration journey.

A U.S. based, attorney designed immigration platform that is with you every step of the journey, from planning, filling out the visa application, attorney review, and more.

fiancé and marriage visa service

1. Plan and track your immigration journey

When you sign up, you will have pre-populated task list that guides you and sends you reminders on the steps you need to complete your fiancé and marriage visa.

2. Build a stronger case with a relationship timeline

Organize your photos into a relationship timeline to tell a better love story. Our Love Visa provides a free relationship timeline tool. The relationship timeline provides further support of your relationship evidence. Organize your photos into a relationship timeline to tell a better love story that you can print or save as a PDF.

fiancé and marriage visa service Relationship timeline
fiancé and marriage visa

3. A faster and easier way to fill out your fiancé and marriage visa forms

We make it easy to get your paperwork done with a simple visa question flow with tips and the ability to ask questions at every step. When you submit for review, your documentation will get reviewed by an experienced attorney.

Visa applications reviewed
by experienced attorneys

Our Love Visa was co-founded and designed by an immigration attorney with over ten years of experience in family law. All visa paperwork goes through a multi-tier review process of experienced professionals to give peace of mind during the fiancé and marriage visa process.

Keeping your data secure

Our Love Visa takes privacy and data security seriously and is dedicated to keeping your information private.
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