Our Love Visa Keeps Your Data Safe

Our Love Visa takes privacy and data security seriously and is dedicated to keeping your information protected

Our Love Visa Values Privacy & Security

Your Data Stays With You

Our Love Visa values your privacy. All information you enter into the Our Love Visa platform is owned by you. Our Love Visa provides the platform for you to more efficiently manage your information and data and use that to prepare your forms and processes on your immigration journey. You may ask us to remove your Personal Information from our systems anytime. To have your data removed, email us at [email protected], and we will action your request within 24hrs.

Secure Data Transfer

We encrypt all traffic to OurLoveVisa.com and OLV.us over HTTPS. This HTTPS connection guarantees confidentiality with your connection, authenticity, and data integrity. When entering your information, your data is encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology while it is in transit from your computer to our servers.

World-Class Web Hosting

Our Love Visa’s underlying infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services, which maintains a state-of-the-art security infrastructure. AWS is one of the most secure webservers, hosting clients such as Moderna, Airbnb, Mint, Robinhood, and other enterprise clients.

Password Security

All user passwords are stored, salted, and encrypted in our database. We require users to create secure passwords that are a minimum of 12 characters long, contain a number, lowercase, and upper case letters, and have a non-alphanumeric character. A 12-character password containing at least one upper case letter, one symbol, and one number would take 34,000 years for a computer to crack. We recommend using the Google Chrome or Norton password generator to create your password.


We are within you at every step of your immigration journey and you are always welcome to email our team at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. You may also view our privacy policy for additional information.