How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long Distance Relationship

Are you waiting for the immigration process to finish so you can be together with your loved one again? Want to know how to keep the spark alive in your long distance relationship?

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips that will help you keep the love alive while you are apart.

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Understand Your Communication Styles & Needs

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you keep communication high. At the outset of your long distance relationship, decide on how often you want to talk, beyond just short text messages throughout the day.

You and your partner might both want to speak regularly, but you may have different ideas about what that entails. If your desired levels of communication differ, talking about it early on can prevent later frustration.

Beyond deciding on the frequency of communication, you’ll also want to decide on how you want to communicate, beyond just texting or calling each other every day. You can also send each other photos, videos, and long emails detailing your day-to-day lives. This will help you feel closer to each other and will remind you why you are in the relationship in the first place.

Scheduling your talks can also be helpful, as it will allow you both to connect when you’re at your best. Talk about your daily schedules and try to plan your calls at a time that works well for both of you. You don’t want to be ready to have a long, deep conversation when your partner is about to cook dinner.

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Stick to Your Scheduled Call Times as Much as Possible

Speaking of scheduling your calls, make sure that you’re truly carving out the time for these conversations and show up for them consistently.

Treat your long distance conversations the same way that you would treat in-person conversations. Prioritize them and show up for them.

Things will come up, of course. Life happens. But if you need to miss a call, try to let your partner know as soon as possible, and schedule an alternate time to catch up.

Video calls are a great way to keep the spark alive in your long distance relationship!

Share the Big Things and The Little Things

It might feel like you never have enough time to talk with your partner, so you want to make that time count. Don’t shy away from deep conversations or from bringing up things that might be weighing on you.

It might be helpful to keep a communication journal. Throughout the day, as you think of things that you want to share with your significant other, write them down so that you don’t forget them.

While you want to make sure that you’re connecting deeply, you don’t want to neglect sharing the little things. In the end, it’s the little things that add up to a life! This will go a long way toward keeping the spark alive in your long distance relationship.

Feel free to ramble or vent to each other, and share the little details of your day – the things that might seem boring to you. Things like what you had for lunch, what your commute was like, or something that your pet did. These are things that you would likely share with your partner if you saw them every day, so why not share them with your long distance love as well!

Plan Your Visits

Depending on how far away you are from your partner, it may be difficult to plan regular visits, but try to plan as many as you can, even if they are short ones.

Not only will this give you both something to look forward to and help to keep the spark alive, but time together will bring you closer and help you to learn more about one another.

You can visit them, they can visit you, or you can pick a place that you can both travel to. Surprising your partner with tickets can be a great way to show how much you care about them.

Visiting one another will strengthen your long distance relationship

Create Physical Reminders

And during your next visit, you might want to leave some belongings with each other! Clothes, books, a favorite candy, or a brand of coffee. Not only will these things be there for you the next time you visit, but it will leave a loving reminder of you for your partner (and vice versa!).

These little daily reminders will really help to keep the spark alive in your long distance relationship because they’ll help you to feel your partner’s presence, even though they’re a long way away.

Make Time for Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is important in any relationship, and it’s no different in a long distance relationship. The lack of intimate contact from spending many months apart can be quite challenging, but there are ways to keep the spark alive, intimately speaking, even from afar.

Here are some things you can try, depending on your level of comfort:

  • Exchanging racy photos (as long as your messaging app is secure)
  • Phone sex
  • Talking about the things you’d like to try, sexually
  • Sending each other erotic texts, emails, or letters
  • Video chat mutual masturbation

Remember that digital intimacy might not feel comfortable for everyone, so make sure to discuss your boundaries around any of the ideas above.

Don’t be afraid to speak up about your feelings, especially if you feel a little nervous or shy at first – this is completely normal. And remember that sharing uncomfortable or awkward moments can help you and your partner to grow closer. Lean into those moments!

With a little work, you can keep the spark alive in your long distance relationship!

Keep It Fun!

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Just because you are in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your life. Plan fun date nights, watch romantic movies together, and play games that will make you both laugh. These small things will help keep the spark alive until you can be together again.

Do you have any long distance relationship tips that have worked for you? Share them in our Facebook community!

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