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What documents do I need for a Marriage Green Card Application?

Start gathering the required documents in advance when applying for a marriage-based green card

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Birth certificate

Both spouses must provide a certified copy of the long-form version of their birth certificates with their green card application when applying for a marriage green card. Your full name, birth date, the names of both of your parents and the official seal of the issuing information must all be included on the birth certificate. It is advisable to do this early in the green card application process since getting a certified copy of your birth certificate from the relevant government agency could take some time. You have choices if you cannot get a copy of your birth certificate. Here is further information about alternate documents.

Certified Translations of all documents that are not in English

They must provide a complete and certified translation if any supporting papers submitted by either spouse are not wholly written in English. That holds for all needed forms, including the most often translated birth certificate. Early in the application process, comparing several translation services and determining which of your papers need a translation is a good idea.

Evidence of your Genuine relationship

Proving the legitimacy of your relationship is one of the most important elements in the marriage green card application process. You need more evidence that you want to start a family together than just a marriage license. Consequently, you must demonstrate that you and your spouse want to be together after marriage and have a future together. Learn more about the different types of evidence needed to demonstrate the validity of your marriage and the strongest types of evidence. You should start gathering papers early in the application process since some of these proofs will take time to compile.

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Address and employment history

The U.S. government will want your address and job history for the last five years when you apply for a green card (if you are applying from outside the United States, you must supply the same information for the previous ten years, at least). You may not be able to recall the locations where you lived and worked throughout that time, the addresses of your previous employment, or the dates of your start and termination. Try to gather these details immediately so you are not caught off guard when filling out your applications. Learn more with our address and work history guides, which also provide advice on recalling old jobs and addresses.

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