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If you are an immigrant ready to invest in your future, it is important to find an immigration lawyer who has both skill in immigration law and a genuine caring for their clients. At the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, P.C., our award-winning team believes that what we are fighting for is much greater than just your rights. We fight to open up opportunities, bring families together, and provide hope for the future. Just search “Immigration Lawyer Near Me”

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Immigrants make the United States stronger. The attorneys and staff at the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, P.C. admire the individuals who come here for a better life for themselves and their family. We are honored to help them achieve their version of the American dream and humbled that they have chosen us to guide them in this journey.

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The Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, P.C. assists immigrants in achieving their American Dream. In a time when so many law firms farm out their legal work to workers in other countries, we provide a level of individual attention that is rare in immigration law. We treat our clients and their family like our family, we treat their businesses like our own, and we help them turn their investments into a path for a successful life and career here in the United States.

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The Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, P.C. seeks to create a safe haven for immigrants. We are a law firm that is on the side of the immigrants. We cherish their dreams, believe in their abilities and deeply value their love for their family. In a time when many in our country have forgotten their immigrant roots, we have doubled-down on welcoming and assisting immigrants into our communities.


What is a Marriage-based Visa?

When a U.S. citizen  marries a foreign national, the foreign  spouse   may qualify  for a marriage-based green card and become a lawful permanent resident or a conditional permanent resident. Getting a green card by marrying  a US Citizen allows the foreign spouse to become a lawful permanent resident (LPR)  depending upon if the foreign spouse legally entered the United States even if the foreign spouse became out of status subsequently. When the foreign spouse is in the United States, the foreign spouse may apply for a green card by submitting an application through USCIS without having to leave the United States if they entered legally.  This process is called filing for an adjustment of status (I-485). After filing for an adjustment of status, the alien spouse can legally reside and work in the United States once an employment authorization document also known as an EAD is issued, as they will become eligible for an employment authorization  90 days after filing for an adjustment of status. 

In the U.S. the “immediate relative” classification (including spouse) allows a foreign national to apply for an immigrant visa without having to worry about preference categories or priority backlogs, since an immigrant visa will always be available to him or her. However, the green card marriage process  can be complicated and requires in depth analysis by an experienced attorney to present evidence of a bona fide marriage and to prepare for the green card interview by being advised of possible green card marriage interview questions. 90 days prior to the Three Years anniversary of when the beneficiary spouse became a Lawful Permanent Resident,  the beneficiary spouse may be eligible to apply to become a US citizen if certain conditions are met.

At the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, we make sure our clients feel secure through every step when applying for a marriage green card. We immediately respond to our clients’ inquiries and keep them up to date with their progress from start to finish as well as the USCIS processing times. That is why we are known for providing quality service in addition to legal counsel. To find out more about how we can help you and your spouse to apply for the green card, call us today at (800) 792-9889.


What You Need to Know About K1 and K3 Marriage Visas

As a U.S. citizen, if your spouse or future spouse is a foreign citizen, there are a few options for legally bringing him or her to join you in the United States with a temporary immigrant visa. It is important to speak with an experienced immigration attorney to know what option would best for you and your family. Some options require you to petition the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCSI) on behalf of your spouse or fiancé(e) with either a K1 or a K3 visa application. Whether the marriage takes place abroad or within the U.S. will determine which application is appropriate for your situation.

Navigating the process of obtaining a conditional permanent resident status, also known as a Conditional Green Card, can be complicated if you do not have the guidance of an experienced immigration attorney. Call (866) 935-3257 to schedule a consultation with our attorneys at The Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, P.C. Mrs. Lee has assisted thousands of couples through the immigration process and will provide the excellent service you deserve.


The K1 visa allows a foreign citizen fiancé(e) to marry a U.S. citizen within at least 90 days after arriving in the U.S. After the marriage, the immigrant spouse may apply for a green card through marriage.

Requirements for a K1 visa:

  • The U.S. citizen sponsoring the foreign citizen must file a Form I-129F with the USCIS on behalf of his or her fiancé(e),
  • The U.S. citizen and foreign citizen must be legally allowed to marry according to the U.S. state where the marriage will occur,
  • The U.S. citizen and the foreign citizen must have met in person within the past two years.

Filing for a K1 visa also requires various documents, as well as a medical examination, vaccinations, and fees. There are several exceptions and waivers that may be available for couples applying for a K1 visa, and consulting with a licensed immigration attorney is recommended to ensure that you and your fiancée have the best chances possible for success.

After getting married thanks to the K-1 visa, your foreign spouse can apply for a Green Card through Marriage. We can also help you with this process.


When a U.S. citizen marries a foreign citizen while in another country, the foreign spouse may enter the U.S. as a non-immigrant until the K3 application has been approved. This visa is intended to reunite spouses and families, allowing a foreign citizen quicker access to conditional or permanent U.S. residency, depending on the length of the marriage. Upon arrival in the U.S., the foreign citizen can apply to adjust the status of his or her visa to a permanent resident.

Applying for a K3 visa requires the following:

  • The couple must qualify as spouses in the country where the marriage took place,
  • The foreign citizen must apply for a K3 visa in the country where the marriage occurred,
  • The U.S. citizen spouse must sponsor the foreign spouse by filing a Form I-130.

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