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The Law Office of Todd Becraft is a boutique immigration law firm offering clients individualized attention and expertise on a full spectrum of immigration issues. Our talented team can help you navigate the ever changing and complex immigration process in the United States.

In 2019 The Law Office of Todd Becraft celebrated their tenth anniversary – ten years of assisting and fighting for the rights of immigrants from all over the world. In 2009 attorney Todd Becraft assumed the practice of Immigration Judge Timothy Everett when he left private practice to work for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Prior to 2009, attorney Todd Becraft worked with Judy Wood, known as “Saint Judy” as portrayed in the recent motion picture of the same name. Our firm assists immigrants in immigration court and at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. At a time when many in our country have forgotten their immigrant roots, we have strengthened our commitment to welcoming and assisting immigrants into our communities. Please contact us so that we can assist you and your family.

Our Philosophy:

At the Law Office of Todd Becraft each client is important and unique, receiving our full attention and creativity. Our years of experience, commitment to excellence, and thoughtful approach to diverse matters set Law Office of Todd Becraft apart from other immigration law firms. Our thoroughness in the analysis and the preparation of each case, combined with our of experience and expertise, sets us apart from other immigration law firms.

Services we specialize in:

The Law Office of Todd Becraft offers a wide range of services related a full spectrum of immigration law. We can assist you with immigration court proceedings, family immigration issues and employment visas.

We strive to provide individualized and high quality legal representation to assist you with matters including permission to work in the United States legally, political asylum, immigration court proceedings, citizenship and more.

Citizenship and Naturalization

The Law Office of Todd Becraft can assist you in realizing the dream of U.S. citizenship. The citizenship process may require the expert guidance of a skilled advocate well versed in the complexity of the citizenship statutes. This may involve a perceived ineligibility for naturalization or an understanding of the citizenship by derivation or acquisition requirements.


The Law Office of Todd Becraft helps families reunite and remain together by seeking family-based pathways of immigration for spouses, children, parents and siblings of citizens and lawful permanent residents. We handle all family-based immigration matters, including families of asylees, adoptions abroad, fiancé visas and overcoming issues related to crimes, health and misrepresentation.


The Law Office of Todd Becraft is experienced with all stages of the asylum process, including credible fear interviews, asylum application filings and interviews, and immigration hearings. The law firm handles both affirmative and defensive asylum matters for individuals fleeing persecution for ethnic, political, religious, gender-based, and other uniquely specialized grounds.

Entertainers, Athletes and Artists

The Law Office of Todd Becraft provides temporary visa and permanent residence solutions to athletes, artists, actors, and other entertainment industry specialists. This practice area includes assistance with O, P and Q visas as well as permanent residence status through extraordinary ability/achievement first preference petitions.

Investors and Entrepreneurs

For many U.S. immigrants the visa waiting line can take many years. This delay along with increasingly complicated adjudication standards has made obtaining a green card, a disaster for many wishing to live permanently in the United States.

Federal Appeals

Once the Department of Homeland Security or an Immigration Judge has rendered a decision, there may be an administrative appeal to the Administrative Appeals Office (“AAO”) of the Department of Homeland Security or the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”) of the Department of Justice.

Victims of Crime / Domestic Violence

The Law Office of Todd Becraft represents clients who cooperate in criminal investigations to obtain nonimmigrant visas in one of three categories: S visas for clients who have information concerning organized crime or terrorism, T visas for victims of human trafficking, and U visas for victims of certain violent crimes.

Deportation and Removal

Although the deportation and removal process is not a criminal hearing it is very similar. The rules are very complicated and failure to follow them can result in a deportation order. Hearings cannot be missed and the judge’s directions must be followed exactly. As a result, it is extremely important that individuals in removal proceedings have knowledgeable representation.


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