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Tips to get married in 90 Days in the United States – 90 Day Fiancé

The fiancé visa, also known as the K-1 visa, is a nonimmigrant visa that allows a foreign national to enter the United States for the purpose of getting married to a U.S. citizen within 90 days of arrival. The requirement to get married within 90 days is intended to ensure that the visa is used for its intended purpose and not as a way to bypass the normal immigration process.

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The K-1 visa process involves the submission of a petition by the U.S. citizen spouse to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If the petition is approved, the foreign national spouse can then apply for the K-1 visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad. Once the visa is issued, the foreign national spouse can travel to the United States to get married.

After the wedding, the foreign national spouse can apply for a green card to become a permanent resident of the United States. If the marriage does not take place within 90 days of the foreign national’s arrival in the United States, the K-1 visa will expire and the foreign national will be required to leave the country.

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Tips for Coming to the United States on a Fiancé Visa

  1. Obtain a marriage license: In order to get married in the United States, you’ll need to obtain a marriage license from your county clerk’s office. This usually requires proof of identity, such as a driver’s license or passport, and may also require proof of residence and/or the completion of a premarital counseling course.
  2. Choose an officiant: In most states, you’ll need to have a licensed officiant perform your wedding ceremony. This can be a religious leader, a judge, or a person who has been ordained online.
  3. Plan your ceremony: Decide on the details of your ceremony, such as the location, the music, and any readings or vows. You’ll also need to decide on your wedding attire and any decorations or flowers you want.
  4. Invite your guests: Make a list of the people you want to invite to your wedding and send out invitations as soon as possible. Be sure to include any necessary information, such as the date, time, and location of the ceremony.
  5. Hire a photographer: A good photographer will be able to capture all the special moments of your wedding, so it’s worth investing in a professional. Look for a photographer with a style that you love and be sure to discuss your vision for the wedding photos.
  6. Plan your reception: If you’re having a reception after your ceremony, decide on the details, such as the location, the food, and any entertainment.
  7. Enjoy your special day: Above all, try to relax and enjoy your wedding day. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so make sure to take the time to savor every moment.

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